Best of Hershey – The Hershey Story

Hershey Story

Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold there’s always something to do in Hershey. If the weather changes your plans, the Hershey Story is one of our favorite alternatives… but don’t wait for bad weather to enjoy this amazing place.

This beautiful state of the art facility tells Milton Hershey’s inspiring journey from adversity to success using lots of interactive exhibits and hands on activities for all ages. The five permanent exhibits each tell a pivotal chapter in Mr. Hershey’s life:

Failures to Fortunes

Learn how Milton Hershey’s impoverished childhood, apprenticeships, early business failures led to his ultimate successes.Hershey Chocolate Lab
Sweet Innovations

You’ll discover how Hershey inspired creativity in his employees as he introduced the first milk chocolate mass production techniques.
Power of Promotion

What fun to see some old fashioned marketing strategies that worked to make Hershey the #1Chocolate manufacturer in the USA

Hershey Builds Hershey

Explore the town of Hershey, the Sweetest Pace on Earth, which by 1915, boasted the largest chocolate factory in the world, and grew to the lovely town it is today including numerous educational, cultural and recreational opportunities.Hershey Chocolate Lab


From the amazing Milton Hershey School to a world class medical center and so much more,  these  exhibits celebrate over 100 years of Milton Hershey’s legacy.

But wait there’s even more fun…

Kids of all ages can become Milton Hershey’s apprentice and receive a special booklet that will help them discover the Chocolate King’s secrets to success. Answer questions and solve puzzles throughout the Museum, your hard work will be rewarded along the way, culminating with a commemorative coin and your own personalized newspaper page

And no visit to Hershey is complete without a 45-minute, hands-on class in the Chocolate Lab!Hershey Museum

Inspired by Milton Hershey’s own candy-making apprenticeship and his flair for experimentation, the Chocolate Lab explores the unique qualities of chocolate through playful, hands-on experiences. You’ll discover all the places cocoa beans are grown and how they are harvested and processed. The best part is you get to make your own delicious take-home treat!

For a complete list of museum activities to enjoy on your next visit our Hershey bed and breakfast, plus lots more information on Hershey, be sure to visit the Hershey Story web site