Woman Magazine - March/ April 2005

Woman Magazine – March/ April 2005

The Inn at Westwynd Farm was chosen “top choice” in Dauphin and Cumberland counties by Woman Magazine.
To B&B or not to B&B
By: Cate McKissick; “Woman” March-April 2005 p.8

My assignment: area Bed & Breakfast inns. My challenge: find the best Breakfast.
Like the best intelligence operative, I broke out my map, gassed up my minivan, hooked up to the Internet and began snooping.

Before I begin, I should say, first of all, no matter the breakfast, every innkeeper I visited with was gracious, accommodating, interesting and happy to participate in this article. Secondly, and maybe most important, every inn was spotless. I didn’t see so much as a dust mote floating through the air at any of them. And lastly, reviews of breakfasts are purely subjective. The only real criteria I went by was, “does this taste good to me?”

This inn and breakfast is my top choice because I felt immediately relaxed, at home and the food was so good I wanted to stay for lunch.

Located on a 32-acre horse farm in East Hanover Twp. outside of Hershey, this inn was my favorite. I grew up on my grandmother’s farm in the Midwest. This farmhouse reminded me so much of that atmosphere.

Owner Carolyn Troxell served breakfast at a huge wooden table beginning with a pot of tea and a fruit parfait. Kiwi, grapes and strawberries served with vanilla yogurt in a tall glass were accompanied by a lemon poppy seed bread that came warm from the oven and melted in the mouth.

Next, she served eggs baked in ham cup with a cream cheese filling, grated potatoes that were heavenly, and the tiniest, broiled tomatoes. The eggs tasted wonderful. The ham was moist. I tried to eat moderately, since I don’t want my next article to be about dieting, but here, I ate all of it. Every last piece. This was the best breakfast to be found.

In the corner of the dining room there is a small table that Troxell keeps filled with cookies and muffins and small snack items. She shared her recipe books and we talked about her favorite dishes.

Outside the large windows I could see the horses being led from the barn to the fields for grazing. The Inn at Westwynd Farm is the perfect place to linger in a chair in a sunny room reading a book or enjoy a leisurely morning coffee and muffin.

The Inn at Westwynd Farm, 1620 Sandbeach Road, Hummelstown, PA 17036. Telephone: (717) 533-6764. Web Address:www.westwyndfarminn.com

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