Explore Indian Echo Caverns Near Hershey PA

Plan your next getaway to explore the Indian Echo Caverns near Hershey, PA. A little history of the area shows that many people have walked these same paths and investigated these same formations. The earliest known people in the area were the Susquehannocks. These Native Americans used the nearby Swatara Creek. The caverns were probably first used as protection from cold weather. Did you know the temperature remains the same year-round — about 52°Fahrenheit? The name of the caverns changed many times; the current term, Echo Caverns, was made in the 1950s. Let us take you through some questions you may have as you plan your spelunking trip.

Planning Ahead

The hours for Indian Echo Caverns are daily from 10 am – 4 pm, even Sundays — we advise confirming open hours before you head out. They are only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s. Parking is free. However, admission rates are $22 for adults and children over 12 and $20 for seniors. The price includes a guided tour of the caverns which takes approximately 45 minutes. Pictures are permitted but do remember that you’ll need to use a flash. Larger groups and special parties can be reserved. Maybe you would like to hold your wedding ceremony here? They can accommodate that.

Timing Your Tour

While the tour takes about 45 minutes, you will want to include some extra time to walk around to explore on your own. There is a picnic area and a playground for those with children. The Discovery Barnyard is free and you’ll want to spend a little time with the goats, alpacas, turkeys, and even the chickens. Rumor has it that there are always baby goats in the springtime! There’s even a seasonal gemstone mining station for those budding gemologists. The last tour starts at 4 pm, so you’ll want to make time to explore the grounds beforehand, or come earlier in the day with your picnic lunch.

Stepping Underground

Touring the caverns involves stairs, walking, and rock formations to navigate. The paths are well-kept, and the walk is an easy one. It takes about an hour total to gather with the tour, enter the mouth of the caves, and finally exit towards the gift shop. Due to the stairs, the paths are not accessible to wheelchairs. Lighting is provided throughout the underground, and only small splashy puddles occur when there is a lot of rain. Try to see how many stalactites and stalagmites you can see while heading over to look at Crystal Lake.

Sharing Our Top Tips

To thoroughly enjoy the adventure, we want to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. With a few tips, you’ll have all the advanced knowledge to stay dry and comfortable and enjoy coming back again:

  • The walk is not strenuous, but you do want to think about the dampness of the underground areas. Wear closed-toe shoes. Sandals and flip-flops may cause a little slippage in the event of a puddle.
  • Dress in layers. It can be a little chilly for many people, so a sweater or jacket would be just the thing to put on. It does stay about 52°Fahrenheit in the caverns. The gift shop keeps these things in stock if you want a souvenir.
  • Help keep the area clean by packing out what you take in. A picnic outdoors makes for a lovely time; remember to be neat.
  • Take a step back and think about broader ecological choices that will help the caverns stay around for a long time. Even things the home gardener puts into the soil can have far-reaching effects.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Indian Echo Caverns Near Hershey, PA. We hope you are looking forward to the underground adventure that awaits you. Exploring the caves is only one of the many adventures you can experience when you visit. Get those jackets and tennis shoes packed, and let us help you plan your next visit with a fun day trip to check out one of our nearby natural treasures.


Published November 2022