Recipe of the Week — The Traveler

The Circular” (previously The Circular dining Room) is set to open next month at the Hotel Hershey. One of the additions to this renovated restaurant that everyone is most excited about: a new bar with a focus on handcrafted vintage cocktails.

The mixologists at The Circular have generously shared the recipe for one of the fabulous new drinks that will be featured. The cocktail, called “The Traveler,” is inspired by Milton Hershey and his love of travel. It features chocolate-infused bourbon blended with Italian spirits and bitters, influenced by a traditional Mexican flavor profile.
Many thanks to Frances Civello,our favorite Hershey photographer for the beautiful photo and obtaining the recipe.


The Traveler

1.25 oz Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon
1.25 oz Aperol
.25 oz Sweet Vermouth
2 slices fresh orange
Dash of Chocolate Mole Bitters
Orange twist for garnish

Muddle orange slices in a cocktail shaker and then fill shaker with ice. Combine Bourbon, Aperol, Sweet Vermouth, and bitters in shaker. Shake vigorously. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange twist.The Traveler Cocktail Recipe from The Circular Dining Room