Your Guide to Beautiful Hershey Gardens in Hershey PA

In addition to many sweet somethings in Hershey, you will also find sweet flowers. Here’s your guide to beautiful Hershey Gardens in Hershey PA to enjoy during your next trip to Hershey, PA. Book your stay at the charming and cozy Inn at Westwynd Farm for the perfect getaway.

Like many places in Hershey, PA, Hershey Gardens exists today because of Milton Hershey. During the 1930’s, Milton wanted a rose garden for Hershey workers and their families to enjoy. In 1937, Hershey Gardens opened. Fast forward to 2021 and the Gardens have grown to 23 acres of beautiful assorted flowers, shrubs, and rare trees. This botanical paradise is organized into seasonal displays, themed gardens, and a butterfly atrium. View map of Gardens.

Themed Gardens

From rocks and roses to oaks and herbs, you’ll find a large variety of seasonal displays amidst the various themed gardens. Here are a few highlights to whet your visual appetite!

  • Historic Hershey Rose Garden – This is where it all started thanks to Milton Hershey. You’ll admire 3,500 different colored roses from 175 varieties, including hybrid, shrub and miniature.
  • Seasonal Display Garden – If you love color, then you will find much delight in touring this garden. Many repeat visitors come here throughout the year to enjoy what each season has to offer. This spring, feast your eyes on 93 varieties of 28,000 tulips! Summer will bring a kaleidoscope of annuals, and fall will feature its signature chrysanthemums in rich autumn hues.
  • Oak Grove – Walk among the mighty oaks or take a quiet rest in the shade while watching the squirrels’ entertaining antics.
  • Herb Garden – The moment you step into this garden you’ll be rewarded with the wonderful aromas of different herbs. Plus, you’ll learn which herbs are used for medicine, cooking, color dye, scent and more.
  • Japanese Garden – If you’re familiar with Japanese gardens, then you know that this is a place to find peace and serenity. Amidst the sparkling stream and reflective pond, you’ll discover Japanese maples, giant sequoias, Dawn Redwood trees, perennials, shrubs and ground covers. It’s truly a zen-like experience.
  • Other Gardens
    • High Point Garden (inspired by Milton Hershey’s home garden)
    • Rock Garden (for all seasons)
    • Ornamental Grasses (a favorite of guests)
    • The Bill Bowman Garden (dedicated to Hershey Gardens former director)
    • The Children’s Garden (educational and whimsical)
    • Arboretum (enjoy statues and trees)

Butterfly Atrium

The Butterfly Atrium is open all year and allows visitors to stroll among hundreds of fluttering butterflies from around the globe. The atrium’s tropical environment, which is necessary for butterflies, features colorful and exotic plants that provide nectar for the butterflies, as well as a calming water feature. Plus, the Atrium features dozens of rare butterflies from South and Central America, Africa and Asia, and the species change frequently, so each visit is like the first.

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