Our Bed and Breakfast Recipes are now Published in our New Cookbook!

bed and breakfast recipesWe’re so excited! You’ve been asking for so long for our Hershey bed and breakfast recipes, and now our Westywnd Farm Cookbook has been published at last.

We have gathered together 200 of our favorite bed and breakfast recipes. Our criteria for selection was simply how often we were asked for the recipe.

In addition to a big section on brunch and breakfast, you’ll find great ideas for family meals and entertaining and lots of sweet treats. There are even some easy versions of Central Pennsylvania regional favorites. You’ll want to try – Baked Oatmeal, Shoo Fly Cake and Sticky Buns. We’ve also included some practical tips we discovered over the years as well.

We made the design as practical as possible, with a sturdy three binder. We plan to periodically print additions which you’ll be able to be easily add.

In this digital age, we’ve discovered everyone keeps track of their recipe favorites differently.

You can order the cookbook with the recipes on a CD to make sharing easy or perhaps our techy cooks would like only the CD.

We hope you and your friends and family enjoy these bed and breakfast recipes as much as we and our guests have. Of course, if you ever have a question, we are only a phone call or e-mail away.

Ordering is easy! Our Westwynd Cookbook has its own page on our website! You will see on our Hershey bed and breakfast homepage on the bottom right a call-out to “Get Cooking.” If you click on this, you will be led to the Cookbook’s own page on our website. You can order right from this page, and your bed and breakfast recipes in our beautiful new Inn at Westwynd Farm Cookbook will be sent the very next day by priority mail. Happy cooking!