Recipe of the week – Cap’n Crunch French Toast

kid breakfast recipesDo not be put off by the name. This is seriously wonderful French toast. I served so many second helpings this morning, I was afraid I would run out of bread.


4 ½  cups Cap’n Crunch Cereal – I used the new Cinnamon Roll Flavor

¾ cup milk – I used half & half

3 Eggs

1 tbl.Sugar – I did not use

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cinnamon – I did not use because I used the Cinnamon Roll Cap’n Crunch

6 slices firm white bread – I used good quality Italian bread and cut it fairly thick.

2 tablespoons butter or margarine – of course, I used butter


Crush cereal in a resealable food storage bag using a rolling pin or mallet to make fine but not powdery crumbs.

Pour crumbs into a square baking dish.

Whisk together milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon in a shallow bowl. Use fork to dip both sides of bread into egg mixture; remove quickly allowing excess to drip off. Don’t allow bread to become soggy.

Dip bread in cereal mixture, coating both sides and pressing lightly to adhere. Set aside and repeat with remaining bread slices. Melt one tablespoon butter on non stick griddle over medium-low heat.   Cook 4 prepared slices of French toast 3-4 minutes per side until crisp and golden brown.

Repeat with remaining slices.

I served with both maple syrup and also a mixed berry sauce.

Tips: Watch carefully to prevent over browning. The original recipe says that you can keep cooked slices warm in a 275 oven while cooking the  second batch