Get out of the Heat in Hershey PA and into the Chocolate Lab!

Hershey PA innIf it’s too hot for outdoor fun in Hershey, PA, then here’s a great delicious alternative. The Hershey Story is a wonderful interactive museum devoted to all things Chocolate and Hershey. It’s great fun for everyone from kids to adults.

Our Hershey PA inn especially recommends all the activities in the Chocolate Lab. Classes run throughout the day and start at 9:45 AM.

You can choose from the following classes:Hershey pa

1. Planet ChocolateLearn some delicious geography by finding out more about the many places around the globe where cocoa beans are grown. You will be guided to recognize differences in cocoa beans’ appearance and taste and make your own unique bar to take home.

2. Chocolate Beach BarsCelebrate summer by designing your very own sea shore-themed milk chocolate bar using edible decals and plenty of “sand.” Learn where and how “cacao” is grown, harvested and processed into your favorite chocolate confections. 
Hershey PA
3. Chocolate By Design: What makes dark chocolate dark and white chocolate white? This class will answer those questions and give you a rare look at a real cocoa pod, beans and nibs, and other ingredients of chocolate. After getting the inside scoop on what makes chocolate so tasty, you will create your own “abstract art” using three types of chocolates.

4. S’mores Galore
: Have some summer fun as you make your own, sweet variation on S’mores (without the fire, of course). Learn the origins of this campfire confection and some Hershey’s trivia. You’ll also learn about chocolate from tree to graham cracker.
5. Build a BarFollow in Milton Hershey’s footsteps as you design your own candy bar. Discover the business behind the product as you choose ingredients to add based on flavor, appearance and your own preferences. 
Check out the Hershey Chocolate Museum Calendar for Class times.