ZooAmerica – A Sweet Treat for Animal Lovers

At The Inn at Westwynd Farm we think a trip to Hershey is just not complete without a visit to Hersheypark’s ZooAmerica.

It’s the perfect place to get up close and personal with some of your favorite animals, as well as some that you may not know so well. It’s home to over 200 animals native to North America and 75 separate species. You can meet, pet and admire a wide variety of amazing creatures during the zoo’s Animal Encounters all throughout the summer.

When walking through the zoo on a recent visit, we encountered this little guy, a baby American alligator with cool coloring and a serious stare!

The bobcats and cheetahs were amazing. The Carnivore Activity session gave us a chance to watch these cats explore their natural senses and to see how the reacted to new scents within their environment.

The Zoo has a full schedule of special programs every day:

11AM – Carnivore Programs

Grey Wolf – (Monday and Saturday)

Black Bear –  (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)

Otters  –  (Wednesday)

Bobcats – (Friday)

1:30 Reptile Show – Woodlands Patio

2:30 Reptile Meet & Greet – Big Sky Country

5:30 Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales Program – Woodlands Patio

6:30 Keepers Corner – Prairie Dog Area

Among the things we really like about the Zoo is the fact that each and every animal can be easily found by following a clearly marked route. This helpful path circles around the entire zoo which is loosely divided in 5 geographic areas of North America — the North Woods, Big Sky Country, Cactus Community, Eastern Woodlands and Grassy Waters. We really like the Cactus Community. The Gila monster is a particular favorite of my grandsons. Close to where the Gila monsters are found, another display is completely dark, and is home to some fascinating nocturnal animals. The bats are always a big hit. Another great area is the black bear environment. The last time we were there, two lively bears entertained viewers by jumping in and out of the water. My favorite, the prairie dogs are just natural comedians. I could spend hours watching them.

The zoo is located right across from Hersheypark on Park Avenue, easily reached by a crosswalk. Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for Children – but is included free with your Hersheypark Ticket, and parking right beside the zoo is free. Hours vary seasonally; currently it is open from 10Am until 8PM.  We find the zoo to be a great break from the hubbub of the park or a lovely way to spend a few hours if the amusement park is not your cup of tea.